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Code 210 Shadowing

  • Through observation and conversation, participating Code 210 personnel will have the opportunity to learn about different facets of the procurement process.  Available to Code 210 personnel only.  (Click here to sign up (Internal Only))




  • We want to hear from you!  Tell us how we can make our Procurement Organization better (click here (Internal Only)).  Current status of suggestions received (click here).


Thank You Note


  • Nominate someone in our procurement community for their helpful actions and respectful behaviors (click here (Internal Only)).
  • NASA's CON Schedule for FY19



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Code 210 Procurement Operations Poster

Our Vision:

Excellence in an evolving acquisition environment

Our Mission:

Establish partnerships that deliver optimal business solutions – one procurement – one mission – one customer at a time

Our Strategic Goals:

Be a premier organization by providing, promoting, and fostering:

  • High quality products and service
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Mutual respect among well-developed, committed employees
  • A safe, inclusive, and open environment
Our Guiding Principles:
  • We create a positive, supportive environment where everyone's views are respected
  • We build/maintain strong trust between management and employees
    • Leaders/managers look out for employees' best interests
    • Employees give best effort and are accountable for their work
  • Leaders/managers consistently model the behaviors they expect from employees
  • Employees are motivated to be inquisitive, offer ideas, and seek to understand why they do what they do
  • Everyone takes pride in their work, and quality of work improves



Contract Signing

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Call for 2018 Code 210 Annual Procurement Awards

It’s hard to believe that this is our fifth year of conducting this awards process.  This is a great opportunity to recognize the exemplary efforts of our employees, those who have gone above and beyond expectations in their achievements.  The nomination form (designed for easy completion) and a description of each of the award categories can be found at the link below.  Please take a few moments to consider recognizing your colleagues for their accomplishments and activities over the last year.  All employees are eligible for these awards, and award recipients will receive Time-Off awards, so now is the time to show your appreciation to your coworkers! 

The award categories include:  the Graduate Award, Olivia Gunter Humanitarian Award, Mission Impossible Award, Diversity and Inclusion, Steady Helm Award, Rookie of the Year, Unsung Hero, Mentor Award, Boundless Energy Award, Hercules Award, Guiding Principles Award (Non-supervisor) and the Guiding Principles Award (Supervisor).   As in previous years, the process allows you to be creative and submit your own category for recognition under the “Other” section on the form if you feel the designated categories don’t fit the effort you wish to recognize.

Given how busy everyone is now that we are back to full speed after the budget uncertainties, I am extending the due date for submission of the Code 210 Award nominations by one additional week to Friday, March 8.  I have gotten some requests for additional time, so for those who have not had a chance to submit a nomination, hopefully this will enable you to recognize the efforts of your peers.  We have had many wonderful accomplishments over the past year, and many situations where our employees have gone “above and beyond” to help each other throughout the organization.   Now is the time to show your appreciation for those actions!  I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes -- the nomination form is short and simple -- to do a brief write-up for a well-deserving co-worker! 

Please send your completed nomination forms (click here for form, Internal Only) to our Code 210 Business Manager, Lori Young, at  Lori.A.Young@nasa.gov.  The Awards Committee will consist of a subgroup of winners of last year’s awards, and we plan to present the awards at an upcoming Code 210 All Hands meeting.



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