210 Community Bulletin


Acquisition Improvement Award (August 2019) for commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) SEB, Theresa Stevens, CO


2019 Code 200 Awards:  Congratulations to the following Code 210 award recipients (ceremony held 7/24/19), click here for a listing of all award recipients.

  • Teamwork/Partnership


    • Area 200 Beamline Team, David Boon
    • B.17 Swing Space Construction & Outfitting Team, David Boon
    • B.33 Roof Replacement Team, Carol Wooten
    • PACE Spacecraft Component Procurement Team

                            Alonda Woodley                      Colin Bornmann
                            Ian Sherry                                  Andres Castro
                            Lisa Bednarik                             Camille Thurston
                            Joel Rivera                                 Deandre Rawlings
                            Makara Nevils                          Cynthia White
                            Michelle Padfield                     Ayana Briscoe
                           Rogenia Dean

  • Honoring Excellence
    • David Boon
  • Gold Star
    • Mayra Nieves-Torres
  • Leadership Quality
    • Bruce Tsai
    • Maikeyza Brown
  • Honoring Excellence
    • Lois Mcduffee


2019 Agency Honor Award Recipients:   Congratulations to the following Code 210 award winners (ceremony will be 9/5/19, at 10:00  am in the Bldg. 8 Hinners Auditorium)

Outstanding Leadership Medal

This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to Government employees for notable leadership accomplishments that have significantly influenced the NASA Mission.

210/Carlos R. McKenzie

210/Dean S. Patterson

Group Achievement Award

This prestigious NASA certificate is awarded to any combination of Government and/or non-Government individuals for an outstanding group accomplishment that has contributed substantially to NASA's mission.

210.Y/Jonathon D. Wingerberg--JPSS Ground Contracts Transition Team


2018 Robert H. Goddard Awards:  Congratulations to the following Code 210 award recipients (click to see all award recipients)--

  • Customer Service (Individual and Team Recognition)
    • Michelle Padfield
  • Professional Administration (Individual and Team Recognition)
    • Elizabeth Haase
  • Supervision Award
    • Craig Keish


2019 POD Annual Awards (held 5/8/19):  Congratulations to all!  Click here to see the winners.

Personnel Announcements

Service Awards

  • Deb Kaelberer, 30 years



  • Kandace Chappell, Code 210 (Office of Small Business Programs) on 5/4/20



  • Stephanie Bailey, going to Code 200, last day is 5/8/20
  • Theresa Stevens, retiring, last day 5/18/20