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210 Community Bulletin


2019 Code 200 Awards:  Congratulations to the following Code 210 award recipients (ceremony held 7/24/19), click here for a listing of all award recipients.

  • Teamwork/Partnership

    • Area 200 Beamline Team, David Boon
    • B.17 Swing Space Construction & Outfitting Team, David Boon
    • B.33 Roof Replacement Team, Carol Wooten
    • PACE Spacecraft Component Procurement Team

                            Alonda Woodley                      Colin Bornmann
                            Ian Sherry                                  Andres Castro
                            Lisa Bednarik                             Camille Thurston
                            Joel Rivera                                 Deandre Rawlings
                            Makara Nevils                          Cynthia White
                            Michelle Padfield                     Ayana Briscoe

  • Honoring Excellence

    • David Boon
  • Gold Star
    • Mayra Nieves-Torres
  • Leadership Quality
    • Bruce Tsai
    • Maikeyza Brown
  • Honoring Excellence
    • Lois Mcduffee


2019 Agency Honor Award Recipients:   Congratulations to the following Code 210 award winners (ceremony will be 9/5/19, at 10:00  am in the Bldg. 8 Hinners Auditorium)

Outstanding Leadership Medal

This prestigious NASA medal is awarded to Government employees for notable leadership accomplishments that have significantly influenced the NASA Mission.

210/Carlos R. McKenzie

210/Dean S. Patterson

Group Achievement Award

This prestigious NASA certificate is awarded to any combination of Government and/or non-Government individuals for an outstanding group accomplishment that has contributed substantially to NASA's mission.

210.Y/Jonathon D. Wingerberg--JPSS Ground Contracts Transition Team


2018 Robert H. Goddard Awards:  Congratulations to the following Code 210 award recipients (click to see all award recipients)--

  • Customer Service (Individual and Team Recognition)

    • Michelle Padfield
  • Professional Administration (Individual and Team Recognition)
    • Elizabeth Haase
  • Supervision Award
    • Craig Keish


2019 POD Annual Awards (held 5/8/19):  Congratulations to all!  Click here to see the winners.





Personnel Announcements


  • Grant Crawford, Student Intern in Code 210.P (Reid)
  • Jessica Wahl, Student Inter in Code 210 (Lockard)



  • Isabella Krogulec, resigned, last day 8/30/19
  • Jonas McNair, retired, last day 8/30/19
  • Chase Lucas, resigned and going to FEMA, last day 8/30/19