From:                                             Mcgrath, Michael E. (GSFC-2000)

Sent:                                              Thursday, June 21, 2018 9:19 PM

To:                                                 GSFC-DL-Code 210 ALL

Subject:                                         Climate Advisory Team II Membership


Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to announce the membership for the third edition of our Code 210 Climate Advisory Team (CAT III)!   I really want to thank everyone who submitted nominations and who expressed interest in helping to improve our workplace climate.   It was wonderful to see the large response to the Call, and I look forward to working with this team over the coming year as they continue the great work of our first two teams.  The membership for this year’s team is as follows:


Makara Nevils, 210.Y

Tiffanie Ferrell, 210 (JPSS/GOES-R)

Mayra Nieves-Torres, 210.H

David Boon, 210.I (Greenbelt)

Theresa Patterson, 210.I (Wallops)

Georgeana Greene, 210.M

Maikeyza Brown, 210.P

Shana Faris, 210.S

Michele Rook, 210

Chyrette Copeland, 210.Y (Pathways/New Employee)

Craig Keish,  (Procurement Manager)

Alicia Middleton,  (Procurement Manager)

Ann Haase (Associate)


These members represent the many parts of our organization, and as the team gets underway, I encourage each of you to reach out to them and provide your perspectives and ideas to ensure all voices in the Division are heard.  The team will also be providing periodic updates of their activities to the Division as the year progresses.


I want to sincerely thank the members of CAT II for their energy and efforts to improve our organization in the areas of Mentoring, Training, and Onboarding.  The CAT II sub-teams are in the process of briefing their implementation plans to the Code 210 managers, and the plans will be rolled out to the entire Division later this summer.


If you have any questions regarding our Advisory Team, please do not hesitate to contact me.