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The latest policies, news, and events associated with the Procurement Support Division are reported here. Keep up to date on current activities and accomplishments. 

Current Events & News

Code 210 Climate Advisory Team


+ Monthly Procurement Training Forums (Mark your calendar!)--A sub-team from the Procurement Learning Group has successfully planned and coordinated Monthly Procurement Forums for the entire GSFC procurement community. These forums will be a procurement learning tool and a means to disseminate information. Each procurement organization will have an opportunity to host a forum, and the sub-team is available for support. In fact, a list of topic ideas has already been generated and topics will continue to be added as the need arises. Forum topics will include everything from policy updates, FAR and NASA FAR changes, training and information for automated systems, Headquarters and Self-Assessment Survey results, lessons learned, and creative solutions to employee awards/recognition, new employee introductions, Professional Intern Program updates, and any relevant topics for our community and others. Attendance is required and Continuous Learning Points will be earned. Click here to view forum presentations.


+ HQ Procurement Management Reviews (PMRs)