Feature Article

Dune Grass Planting Event

October 18, 2007

Person planting grass on a dune. On October 18th the Environmental Office and the Facilities Management Branch sponsored a Beach/Dune Grass Planting Event on the south end of Wallops Island. The event ran from 12 noon to 4:30 p.m. with free hotdogs and chips from WEMA, sodas and a grill from the Navy, baked beans from the Management Operations Directorate, brownies from EG&G, and a second grill from VT Griffin. The beautiful weather, free food, and "can-do" spirit of Wallops personnel brought out around 100 people from across the Facility to help stabilize the unprotected southern end of Wallops Island. Together we planted about 20,000 stems of American Beach grass along approximately 2,300 feet of man made dune behind the recently installed Geotube project. Additional sand has been ordered and will be placed behind the Geotubes. Once this is completed there will be another 2,300 feet of dune to plant with the remaining 20,000 stems of American Beach grass.