Feature Article

Tips on Recycling at Wallops

February 15, 2008

Recycling at Wallops Are you looking for an easy way to make a significant contribution towards preserving the environment here on the Eastern Shore? Don’t want to put a lot of effort into it? Well then, RECYCLE! Wallops currently has an active program to recycle solid wastes generated here at work, but a “dumpster diving” survey indicates up to 30% of the space in WFF dumpsters is taken up by items that could be recycled. This refuse takes up valuable space in the Accomack County landfill.

Here are some easy ways you can improve the recycling situation at WFF.

  • Place white paper in the white cardboard containers provided in your building for that purpose. Some people have small white containers in their offices so they can accumulate a significant amount of white paper before they take it to the central larger containers. If you would like one of these small containers, please contact Freda Johnson at x.1566.
  • Break down your cardboard. WFF currently has two dumpsters dedicated solely to recycling cardboard. However, they are frequently filled with bulky boxes that take up space and reduce our recycling capacity. If you have cardboard you wish to dispose of, simply break it down, place it in the hallway outside your office, and label it “TRASH”. The custodial staff will promptly remove it.
  • Recycle aluminum cans. Aluminum is a big ticket recycling item because it requires far less energy and money to recycle it then it does to refine it from bauxite ore. If aluminum cans are not being recycled in your building, contact Marianne Simko at x-2127 and she will be happy to establish a pick up for you.
  • Pay attention to where you throw your trash. Oftentimes, labeled recycling containers are found to be filled with food and other non-recyclable items. This makes it more difficult and expensive to recycle.
  • There are certain plastic items that cannot be recycled. Please do not place plastic flatware or Styrofoam cups o containers in plastic recycling bins. If your building does not have a container to place recycled plastic items, call Marianne Simko and she will supply you with one.
  • Don’t bring trash from home to WFF for placement in the dumpsters. Wallops must pay to dispose of this waste and this makes less money available for recycling and other housekeeping efforts at WFF. And it is prohibited.