Feature Article

WFF Receives Virginia Environmental Excellence Program Award

August 17, 2009

Virginia Environmental Excellence Program Carolyn Turner, Environmental Group Lead, recently received notification that the Wallops Flight Facility has successfully renewed its Exemplary Environmental Enterprise (E3) participation in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP). As an E3 participant, Wallops is entitled to the following benefits: public recognition, permit fee discounts, and a single point-of-contact with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). In addition, participation in the VEEP at the E3 level may provide the facility with certain types of administrative flexibility with environmental regulations.

In 2005, the Virginia General Assembly adopted legislation specifically authorizing the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program. Wallops Flight Facility has been a VEEP member since 2006. Annual reporting to DEQ is required on progress in our environmental management system and pollution prevention program. VEEP renewal is required every 3 years.

VEEP was established to encourage superior environmental performance through the development and implementation of environmental management systems and pollution prevention efforts. VEEP drives environmental excellence by encouraging facilities within the Commonwealth that have strong environmental records to go above and beyond their legal requirements. VEEP members earn recognition and are potentially eligible to utilize specific regulatory and administrative flexibilities.

Stay tuned to hear more about a forthcoming recognition ceremony where Wallops will be recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia!