Find a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides chemical identification, hazards, first aid, handling & storage, exposure controls, disposal and other regulatory information.

  1. If the HM has a yellow inventory sticker, find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) number (244931 in this example):
    sample yellow inventory sticker
  2. Open the HMMS SDS website using a computer that reads your Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card. If you do not have a PIV card, please see your Civil Servant contact or your supervisor for the SDSs.

    a.  Make sure the security popup asks for your Authentication Certificate.  This example says “Signature” so it has to be changed:

    HMMS SDS 1

    b.  Click “More choices”, select “Authentication”, and click OK:

    HMMS SDS 2

    c.  Enter your PIV PIN into the next popup and click “OK”:

    HMMS SDS 3

  3. Enter the SDS number and click "Search"
    Step 3
  4. Click the name:
    screenshot of SDS search result
  5. Save or print the PDF using this popup or the "Print" link.
    Step 5


  1. Search by item name or trade name. Open the HMMS SDS website.
  2. Click the arrow beside "Match".  Select "ANY" from the drop-down menu..
  3. Click the arrow beside the first blank and select Item Name from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the plus sign to add another search line.
    Alternate Step 4
  5. Click the arrow beside the next blank and select "Trade Name".
    Alternate Step 5
  6. Now fill in both blank spots with the name and click "Search".
    Alternate Step 6
  7. Click the name you want.
    screenshot of search results
  8. Save or print the PDF file using the popup or the "Print" link.
    Alternate Step 8