NASA/GSFC Procurement Operations Organization Chart 
(as of November 25, 2019)

Procurement Operations Division, Code 210

Chief/Procurement Officer, Michael McGrath, 301-286-8400
Associate Chief/Deputy Procurement Officer, Mary Stevens, 301-286-7451
Associate Chief for Operations and Business Management, Cindy Cherrix, 301-286-2812
Small Business Specialist, E. Ann Haase, 301-286-3443

      GOES-R Procurement Office
Chief, Ann Haase, 301-286-3443

JPSS/SSMO Procurement Office
Chief, Eric Newman, 240-684-0532


Office for Headquarters, Code 210.H
Associate Chief, Delia Robey, 301-286-7972
Procurement Manager, Jennifer O'Connell, 301-286-4309
Procurement Manager, Maria McNamee, 301-286-8109
Procurement Manager (Detail), LaShawn Feimster, 301-286-4240
  Office for Institutional Programs, Code 210.I 
Associate Chief, Tammy Seidel, 301-286-8438
Procurement Manager, Karen Smith, 301-286-5491
Procurement Manager, Finale Uptegrow, 757-824-2794
Office for Mission Enabling, Code 210.M
Associate Chief, Karen Place, 301-286-8124
Procurement Manager, Alicia Carter, 301-286-1892
Procurement Manager, Ricarda Mason, 301-286-6843
  Office for Program Support, Code 210.P
Associate Chief, Carlos McKenzie, 301-286-8008
Procurement Manager, Antwan Reid, 301-286-8420
Procurement Manager, Ayana Briscoe, 301-286-4349
Office for Space Sciences, Code 210.S
Associate Chief, Steve Lloyd, 301-286-3616
Procurement Manager, Pauline Barrett, 301-286-3294
Procurement Manager, Dean Patterson, 301-286-8085
  Office for Earth Sciences, Code 210.Y
Associate Chief, Nipa Shah, 301-286-1117
Procurement Manager, Michelle Padfield, 301-286-4988
Procurement Manager, Craig Keish, 301-286-0897