International Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Services Information

TMH Medical Services will provide International Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Services for NASA Civil Service Employees traveling on official government business who have been injured/fallen ill.


  • NASA civil service employees (no family members) traveling on official government business who have been injured/fallen ill.
  • Also covered are injured/ill NASA civil service employees who are in the midst of permanent change of station transition travel and/or extended duty assignments in any part of the world other than the continental United States.
  • NASA support contractors are not covered under this contract.


  • 407-748-7809
  • 888-635-2449



  • Pre-travel information available via company's website (e.g., country warnings, alerts, vaccines required, tips for traveling, etc.).
  • Wallet cards with company information (available to employees through each Center's onsite medical clinic/health unit or direct request to Janine Scoville).
  • Land and air med evac support 24/7/365 to the nearest appropriate medical facility or directly to the U.S. if/when warranted.
  • Non-emergency telephonic support, such as assistance to employees with delivery of medicines, drugs, and medical supplies required for healthcare or treatment.
  • Telephonic assistance to employee in obtaining replacement of corrective lenses and medical devices if they are lost, stolen, or broken during travel.
  • Providing employees, telephonically, with non-emergency medical advice and referral recommendations (e.g., locations of nearby English speaking physicians and dentists), guidance on how to obtain replacement prescription medication, and locations of nearby medical clinics or pharmacies.
  • Information regarding legal professionals nearby.
  • Telephonic assistance and information regarding the replacement of passports, visas, flight documents and other travel-related documents.
  • Providing foreign language assistance by phone.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.


  • Injured/ill employee contacts TMH directly, or someone (colleague, supervisor) contacts TMH on his/her behalf. For non-emergencies, TMH will not have to contact NASA before providing assistance. Employees on travel status may work with TMH directly by phone.
  • TMH assesses the situation, asks for confirmation that the injured/ill employee is a NASA civil service employee.
  • TMH contacts NASA's designated physician located at Kennedy Space Center.
  • Communication and coordination is implemented between TMH and NASA to identify the appropriate method of assisting the employee to ensure his/her health and his/her safe return to the United States.
  • NASA Center or NASA component facility for which employee is affiliated will be invoiced for services provided. OCHMO will coordinate billing arrangements between NASA and TMH.


  • How do I reach TMH using a toll-free number that is not usable when calling from a foreign country?
  • Dial the +1 then the number (just like any U.S. number) and it is then no longer a toll free number from outside the U.S. You would call collect or dial out to an English speaking operator to dial the number.


Janine Scoville
NASA HEADQUARTERS - Agency Office of the Chief Health & Medical Officer
(OCHMO Tenant Office located at KSC)
Mail Code AF
O&C Bldg., Room #1146
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
321-867-2423 or 202-302-5795