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Employee Training & Development

Code 210 Shadowing

  • Through observation and conversation, participating Code 210 personnel will have the opportunity to learn about different facets of the procurement process.  Available to Code 210 personnel only.  (Click here to sign up (Internal Only))

HQ Training and Career Development

Code 210 Training Coordinator's Newsletters

Code 210 "All-Hands" Meetings

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Upcoming Training


Continuous Learning Training Calendar




Employee Information
  1. New Employee Information Package
  2. Procurement and Related System Access at GSFC
  3. Procurement Systems Overview
  4. Additional Information (Monday Meatball, Weekly Reports, and Enabling the Mission)
  5. Onboarding and Interoffice Moves & Departures
  6. Employment Opportunities including Goddard Opportunities Bulletin Board System (GOBBs)


Policy on Appointment of GS-1102 Contracting Officers
  1. CO Warrant Guidelines
  2. GSFC CO Appointment Policy
  3. NASA Procurement Certification


Mentoring and Career Coaching
  1. GSFC Formal Mentoring Program
  2. GSFC Career Coaching
  3. Updating Your Federal Resume Charts


Resources for Training & Classes


NASA's FAC-C Guidance and Training Requirements
  1. FAC-C Guidance
  2. Changes to FAC-C Training Requirements Beginning 10/1/19
  3. FAC-C Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) Guide June 2019
  4. FAC-C CLP Log 2019
  5. HQ Quarterly ViTS Briefings


CON Courses and Prerequisites

For the most recent list of required classes and course numbers, see Appendix B of the NASA Procurement Career Development and Training Program Policy Handbook.  Register in SATERN once you have met prerequisite(s) (located in Appendix B of the above mentioned Handbook) for the course. Courses will be scheduled once minimum enrollment levels are reached in SATERN.



Non-Procurement Classes


  1. GSFC Training and Professional Development

  2. Agency Training and Professional Development
  3. National Contract Management Association (NCMA) National Office