Program Areas - Hazardous Waste Management

Program Manager: Doug Bruner (757) 824-2441


The Environmental Office manages any hazardous wastes, used oils, or nonhazardous wastes generated at the Wallops Flight Facility. Solid waste is the responsibility of the generator in coordination with the Facilities Management Branch. Property disposal is the responsibility of the generator and the Logistics Office.


The Environmental Office should be contacted prior to the generation of any waste. This will allow the Environmental Office to guide the generator in the proper waste disposal procedures. An annual Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Hazardous Waste Training program is offered by the Environmental Office each spring. Please contact Marianne Simko at (757) 824-2127 or by e-mail to schedule your attendance. If you cannot attend, please review the most recent RCRA Training Presentation.

Hazardous Waste Guidelines

Some general hazardous waste guidelines are listed below:

  1. Containers - Generating activities must ensure that wastes are properly contained. Containers must be in good condition, suitable for the waste type, closed tightly, upright, sturdy, and inspected monthly (recorded on SAA monthly inspection sheets). The original container should be used if possible. Three inches of headspace should be left in each container.
  2. Labels - Each waste container must be labeled with the identity or name of the chemical hazard, including contaminants, the generator, and the building number where the waste was generated. If the container holds a hazardous waste, the words "Hazardous Waste" should also be included on the label. A full hazardous waste container must be dated and picked up by the Environmental Office within 3 days. Used oil containers must be labeled with the word "used" rather than "waste."
  3. Quantity Limit - Generators must contact the Environmental Office, at extension 1718, upon accumulating 45 gallons each type of hazardous waste or 1 kilogram of acute hazardous waste.
  4. Inventory Form - A completed Hazardous Waste Disposal Inventory Form (GSFC 23-54(04)) must accompany each properly containerized and labeled container. All containers awaiting disposal should be under the control of the generator, stored away from flame or other incompatible chemicals, and within secondary containment.
  5. RCRA Empty - Hazardous waste containers or liners are empty when all wastes have been removed which can be removed and no more than 1 inch of residue remains on the bottom or no more than 3 percent by weight of total capacity remains (containers less than 110 gallons). Special requirements exist for containers which held acute hazardous waste or compressed gas. Containers, which do not meet all of these requirements, must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Points of Contact

  1. Emergencies: Wallops Fire Department at extension 1333.
  2. Waste disposal procedures or to arrange for a waste pickup: The hazardous waste line at extension 1718, Marianne Simko at extension 2127, or Shane Whealton at extension 1090.
  3. Hazardous Waste Pickups through MOSI:

    Choose: "Submit, Approve, or View Services", New Ticket, 250 - Medical and Environmental, Wallops Waste Pickup

    Please complete the ticket fields and then hit the "Submit Ticket" button.

  4. Other hazardous waste issues: Doug Bruner at extension 2441.