Program Areas - Hazardous Material Management System


WFF has instituted a new process to enable hazardous materials on base to be accurately tracked and quantified. Hazardous material (HM) delivered to Central Receiving (Building F-19) will be given a barcode inventory tag and have its Safety Data Sheet placed online. Order hazardous materials in the way you always have. When the order arrives at WFF, Receiving will contact you to determine who the material user is and where the material will be stored.

yellow HMMS bar code sticker


Return the Sticker!

Please return the sticker when the container is empty:


Aerosol cans are an exception. Give aerosol cans to the Environmental Office for evaluation. Call the Hazardous Waste Hotline at x1718. Do not remove the yellow sticker.


An empty hazardous material container is defined as one which has less than 1 inch of residue after all hazardous material has been used through the normal process of pouring, scraping, or draining. To dispose of hazardous material containers with more than 1 inch of residue, or to dispose of rags, tech wipes, brushes, or rollers which have come in contact with hazardous materials, contact the Hazardous Waste Hotline at x1718.


Find a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides chemical identification, hazards, first aid, handling & storage, exposure controls, and disposal information. You can find SDSs at our HMMS SDS website. For help with this website, please view the full instructions for searching the database.

Alternate SDS Sites

An alternate SDS site is the Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc. SDS Index.

Frequently Asked Questions

Points of Contact

  1. Email WFF HMMS Support
  2. Jay Jones at extension 1760 or (757) 824-1760
  3. Doug Bruner at extension 2441 or (757) 824-2441
  4. Kirk Webb at extension 1144 or (757) 824-1144