Feature Article

NASA is currently conducting scoping for an Environmental Impact Statement that will consider its continued Sounding Rockets Program operation at Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska.

April 13, 2011

Interested parties are invited to submit comments on environmental issues and concerns, preferably in writing, on or before June 01, 2011 to assure full consideration during the scoping process.

Comments submitted by mail should be addressed to:

Joshua A. Bundick
Manager, Poker Flat Research Range EIS
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's
Wallops Flight Facility, Code 250.W
Wallops Island, Virginia 23337

Comments may also be submitted via e-mail to:


As the EIS is prepared, the public will be provided several opportunities for involvement, the first of which is during scoping. Even if an interested party does not have input at this time, other avenues, including reviews of the Draft and Final EIS, will be offered in the future. The availability of these documents will be published in the Federal Register and through local news media to ensure that all members of the public have the ability to actively participate in the NEPA process.

Please visit the project website by copying and pasting the following URL into your browser: https://code200-external.gsfc.nasa.gov/250-wff/environmental-impact-statement-eis-sounding-rockets-program-poker-flat-research-range-pfrr