Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) Wallops Flight Facility Shoreline Restoration and Infrastructure Protection Program (SRIPP) (Volume I)

Final PEIS SRIPP Appendices (Volume II, Download by Appendix)

Appendix A – Storm Damage Reduction Project Design for Wallops Island, Va (9.74 MB)
Appendix B – SRIPP Benthic Video Survey Technical Memorandum (0.99 MB)
Appendix C – Biological Assessment (1.88 MB)
Appendix D – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Opinion (8.77 MB)
Appendix E – National Marine Fisheries Service Biological Opinion (8.96 MB)
Appendix F – SRIPP Cultural Resource Remote Sensing Survey of Two Proposed Offshore Sand Borrow Locations in Federal Waters (6.31 MB)
Appendix G – SRIPP Proposed Groin, Breakwater, and Shoreline Cultural Resources Surveys, Accomack County, VA (4.64 MB)
Appendix H – Federal Consistency Determination and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Response (4.11 MB)
Appendix I – Essential Fish Habitat Assessment (2.63 MB)
Appendix J – Essential Fish Habitat Consultation (9.46 MB)
Appendix K – Section 106 Consultation (2.40 MB)
Appendix L – Comments Received on Draft PEIS (5.62 MB)
Appendix M – Response to Comments Received on Draft PEIS (0.40 MB)

Federal Register Notices


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