What does the "EXP" field on the yellow sticker mean?

The date we validate the HM data. "EXP" is not a shelf life or expiration date. If the HM is still there, and you still need it, we ask again in 5 years.


Can we order chemicals from a specific vendor, like we do now through a BPA?

We do business with several chemical vendors, one of which is probably the one that you are currently using. Our goal is to get the best value for the Center and our customers when procuring chemicals and any justification you can provide to choose one vendor over another will be considered when we make procurements. Try it and see... call 6-HMMS (4-4667).


Why is it so important to turn in empty containers that have yellow inventory stickers?

HMMS inventory data is used by First Responders and NASA GSFC Safety personnel when responding to a building emergency so that they are aware of the hazardous materials present in the area. HMs remain "in inventory" after the product has been used until the yellow inventory sticker is returned to the HMMS Office. Turning in the container, or at least the sticker, removes the HM from the inventory and keeps the inventory data accurate.

How can we participate in HMMS if we receive HM from Qinetiq? They test it as required before use on flight hardware.

HM from Qinetiq is already recorded in HMMS.

What do I do if I find HM that does not have yellow inventory stickers on it?

Please call Kim at 6-4667 (6-HMMS) or email

Can we stockpile chemicals? I might need something in a hurry.

Please don't – we can process urgent requests:

  • We can work with vendors that have chemicals in stock.
  • We can check the Centerwide inventory and arrange to use chemicals we already own.
  • HM listed at the HM Reuse Center is available to anybody who needs it.

Can we handle frozen epoxy syringes?

Yes – AMMS/Stores Stock buys them now. We deliver them while they are still on dry ice.


How will we attach bar code stickers to frozen syringe pens and tiny containers?

We print one sticker for the entire box of syringes.

What do I do if I cannot collect the empty container from a remote site after use?

Call us to verify that the container does not require special handling. If not, just send us the sticker from the used container so we can update the database.​


Can I mix epoxy that has exceeded its shelf life? It is not hazardous after it is mixed.

Only if you are using it for a valid non-flight-hardware requirement. We cannot mix it to avoid hazardous waste rules. Ask Environmental to pick it up by submitting a MOSI request or contact us at or call 6-9322.

Can AMMS/Stores Stock set money aside to keep procuring chemicals from August through the end of the year the same way we do now through BPAs?

AMMS purchases are made using money that has been transferred to the GSFC Inventory Pool. As long as funds remain in the Inventory Pool, AMMS purchases can be made through late September.

Can AMMS/Stores Stock order calibration standards?

We need to understand the specification. Please call 6-4667 (6-HMMS). We want to be the source for all hazardous material but the important part is to meet the mission requirement.

Program Contacts

HMMS Support:, 6-HMMS (301-286-4667)
Progam Manager: Ken Yargus, 301-286-0518​