Facilities Environmental Program

The Facilities Environmental Program integrates environmental awareness into planning, design, execution and operations and maintenance for facilities construction activities on Center. Project managers reduce project execution risks by considering potential environmental impacts early in the process. The Medical and Environmental Management Division (MEMD) provides informal and formal consultation on construction projects.

Planning is Key to Any Construction Project

Construction projects, large and small, often generate or handle hazardous materials or waste that poses potential harm to public health and the environment. Projects may emit pollutants into the air or water such as sediment, particulates and chemicals. Environmental stewardship requires Goddard to mitigate potential hazards to personnel as well as impacts to the public and the environment.

Environmental Impact Requirements

Here at Goddard, we must ensure that all our proposed projects complies with all State and Federal environmental requirements. Anticipating potential impacts is key to containing costs and maintaining schedules. One oversight can severely delay a project or result in major cost impacts.

An environmental management plan should be developed at the same time as the construction details are considered. Code 250 will assist any Center organization to ensure full compliance with all applicable environmental requirements.

Partnering with MEMD Early and Often to Save Money, Time and Headaches

By working early with MEMD, you gain the benefit of anticipating environmental issues, adjusting implementation strategies, coordinating permit requirements, managing cost, and streamlining schedules. The plan will specify all environmental management activities, mitigation and control measures used to manage environmental impacts.

NASA is committed to sustainable design. Each year new environmental requirements are added or amended to ensure protection of our natural resources and the public. When working with MEMD early on to develop responsible construction and maintenance plans, you know that all applicable environmental regulations will be satisfied.

Timing is Everything

Problems can arise when project managers delay the consideration of their environmental impacts.

Top Ten Environmental Issues for Construction Projects

  • #10 - Management of construction contractor storage areas
  • #9 - Construction activities that discharge aerosols or gases to the air
  • #8 - Universal Waste management
  • #7 - Discharges to Sanitary Sewer
  • #6 - Coordination of temporary tanks and emergency generators
  • #5 - Spill Reporting
  • #4 - Lead Based Paint
  • #3 - Early coordination with Code 250
  • #2 - Hazardous Waste management
  • #1 - Management of storm water requirement, including Sediment and Erosion control devices, record keeping and reporting


Program Contacts

Joe Hunter 301-286-0466