HMMS Staff

Kim Wedemeyer HMMS Coordinator
Kim Wedemeyer, Code 279

Kim coordinates hazardous materials (HM) receipt, delivery and transfer. She has worked at Goddard since 1986 researching, cataloging, acting as Material Coordinator, heading Goddard's Just-In-Time office supplies, and specializing in HM procurements. Kim utilizes all available tools to rapidly procure and deliver the full spectrum of HM used at Goddard.

Yvette Robinson HMMS Material Control Clerk
Yvette Robinson, Code 279

Yvette intercepts all hazardous material arriving at Central Receiving, enters it into the Centerwide inventory, attaches a yellow inventory sticker, and ensures the Safety Data Sheet is available online before the HM is delivered to the customer. Yvette established proficiency for this critical role by supporting the GSFC mission as a materials coordinator for Cryogenics, delivering hazardous materials that meet specific technical specifications since 2005. Yvette's customer friendly service also benefits from her experience in communications, business administration, and desktop publishing.

Hazardous Waste Team Hazardous Waste Team, Code
250 301-286-9233

Ian Cherok, Regina Wilhide, Leo Hrybyk, Lixa Rodriguez-Ramon, Paul Thompson, and Harry Stein use HMMS to properly label and rapidly characterize HM before disposal. They also collect unwanted HM, check to see if it is still usable, and offer it to other customers at no charge.

Ken Yargus HMMS Project Manager
Ken Yargus, Code 250

Ken serves as the point of contact for policy matters and operational requirements. Ken worked with HMMS at Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, AZ, and initiated a reuse center for the Navy.