Hazardous Materials Reuse Center

Hazardous Materials Reuse poster
Hazardous material (HM) is a part of many activities performed on Center every day. It is also something which must be managed throughout its lifecycle here at GSFC. From the moment it enters through the gates, HM must be tagged with a yellow sticker as part of the Hazardous Materials Management System (HMMS) per GPR 4100.2. This allows us to keep an up-to-date inventory of all HM on Center, and easily generate required reports for regulating government bodies. We also tell first responders where HM is located in the event of an emergency.

Tracking HM also results in better management of the quantities of materials on Center. Before new materials are ordered, we check for surplus inventories which can be shared among users. This reduces costs as we may be able to supply materials for free, and limits our environmental liability by having the minimum amount of hazardous materials necessary.

Hazardous Materials Reuse

Needed HM
If you are in need of specific hazardous material, please check the
current inventory at the HM reuse center. These materials are available to you at no cost; we will even deliver them to you. If you can use an item(s) from this list, please contact us at:

Email: gsfc-hmms-support@mail.nasa.gov
Phone: x6-HMMS (301-286-4667)

Unwanted HM
Have left-over materials that you don't plan to use? Turn in unwanted HM with a "Request for Waste Characterization" to Code 250 through the MOSI system. We will offer it to other HM users or recycle or dispose of it per state and federal law.


Program Contacts

Ken Yargus 301-286-0518